Out Sourcing & Software Development :


Management guru Tom Peters is famous for saying, “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.” It is a concept that has become standard in all industries because it accomplishes several things:

  • Reduces overhead costs and increases efficiency
  • Allows greater financial and staffing flexibility
  • Gains you access to skilled employees and project managers for non-core activities

This is what we do best
International Software Services is equipped with business resources in the US, Europe, and a software development center in India. This means that we can significantly reduce your costs while employing the most talented individuals worldwide to meet your project needs. It also means that we can offer a broad range of outsourcing options—from a complete design studio, software specialists, help desk & technical support staff, a team of scientists, and other professionals.

Above and beyond our competitors, ISS is uniquely positioned to provide:

  • Both onsite and offsite resources
  • 40–60% lower software development costs
  • Tools to monitor progress anytime, day or night
  • Easy and secure access to systems and applications
  • Projects on a fixed-bid or time & materials basis
  • Transparent Operations

Meet your team
Our well-trained software development staff is experienced in all major platforms, Internet technologies, and database applications. They have at least four years of experience in their field and have worked on projects that are local and international in scope.

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