Total Services or Total Care


As a Total Service Provider, or Total Care Provider, ISS can provide services that covers all aspects of a client's IT needs. ISS provides comprehensive services to clients, covering IT Consulting Services, and lease consultants under Professional Services for talent that client needs on short or long term contract basis. Upon client's acceptance of ISS's recommendation on outsourcing software development, Client's may engage ISS's Outsourcing Services to obtain competitive advantage by getting the software developed by ISS. As an outsourced software development services provider, ISS would architect, design, build, and test the applications. As a Managed Service Provider ISS would install and run the applications and also provide support of these applications with bug fixes, ongoing enhancements etc. Thus covering all aspects of IT for any small or mid sized business, under a single umbrella. The Total Care services ISS provides the customer with full benefits of an IT department with no IT personnel dedicated to the job.

The Managed services part of the service is available only for small and mid sized projects.

The Total Care provided by ISS is best suited for companies, that are new to having IT in their business or have IT resources but those services are not cost effective due to minimal needs and the same reason inhibits the business from making investments in IT made. This service is also best suited for companies that desire to focus on their business and not be diverted by IT needs that can be handled very well with an external IT care provider. Companies desiring to have IT role expanded but find it cost ineffective due to the continuous changes that occur in an IT department. Thus diverting attention from core business to IT management. Companies also find an entry into IT or sustaining an IT department requires having the best talent employed on the job, and the best talent is required in multiple skill areas, that makes it prohibitively costly to have an IT department. Another reason to look at Total Care solutions from ISS.

The end result, client's get the benefit of a complete IT department, without the hassle of having IT personnel, but getting all the benefits of an IT department.