Managed Services


ISS provides managed services to clients that can benefit from reliable support of IT applications at low cost. This service is for clients that do not have an IT department or clients that find it beneficial to have an IT solution but find it expensive to maintain and run the application. ISS has a solution. ISS can run those applications for the client as an external IT department with lower cost of operation and no IT management of any sort on such applications. ISS can take care of the entire gamut of running IT applications, from backup/restores, application maintenance with bug fixes, application software changes, enhancements, etc. This service would eliminate the need for dedicated IT personnel while getting the full benefits of IT without an IT department.

This service is only available with software development service, and is available for small business customers that engage ISS's services for software development or new customers that outsource their IT application maintenance to ISS.

Service Best suited for clients that find:

1. Clients that have an IT need, but find it cost ineffective to build, and maintain applications with fewer IT resources or no IT resources
2. Maintaining software applications and IT network is expensive
3. Clients with small IT departments that desires to improve ROI on IT costs

This service costs so low that you will not even have to think about it. Ask us about the pricing. Pricing based on number of hours of work used on a regular basis.