IT Consulting


ISS IT consulting services provides Clients an opportunity to see what is out there in the technology market place that may benefit them in terms of technology, services and evaluate their IT needs per current market offerings in the IT arena.

As an IT Consultant ISS will study the client's current IT infrastructure, evaluate their needs and propose solutions based on current and/or future projections and make recommendations.

ISS recommendations may include, a hardware solution, a software solution (packaged software or custom software), a mix of hardware and software and cost effective implementation solutions. Recommendations may also cover business process and workflow improvements to obtain optimal benefit from IT.

Clients may implement the solutions themselves, hire a third party company or hire ISS to implement their recommendations.

This services offering is best suited for clients that desires to make an evaluation of their needs, feasibility of IT solution, costs associated with any solution, perform cost benefit analysis, define strategy and cope, prior to taking decisions on implementing IT solution.

This could be a purely consulting service with or without any other service associated service. ISS would charge a per hour fee and provide the best recommendations to clients from a long and short term perspective in regards to their IT needs.